Wiggin’ It

Losing my hair to cancer was a massive shock to me… for some reason, it didn’t cross my mind that I would lose my hair until they mentioned it to me. You lose your identity, and cancer takes that away from you. But fear not, once I braved the shave, I never looked back. We’re lucky to be in a world, where we always have back up plans and options for these sort of things!

Chemo Hats

It’s important to protect your head, especially in the sun. Or if it’s cold, you’ll want something to keep you warm. Whether you want to wear chemo hats outside, or inside, it’s entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

I found chemo hats to be quite useful to have on hand, you can find plenty of affordable choices from amazon. At first, I thought they screamed cancer patient; however, you can find some really pretty and stylish looking hats.

I think this one was my personal favourite. Chemo hats were my first comfortable choice, and I didn’t mind wearing them out in public, especially in the hot weather, as these days, it’s quite normal to wear headpieces. And so what if I’m a cancer patient? I can still look and feel good about myself. I highly recommend chemo hats if you aren’t sure of what you’d feel comfortable with, they’re great to break the ice with your new appearance. I would even have a separate hat just for night time, I didn’t like the way my head felt on my pillow, and it always felt cold, so I would wear one specifically for night time.


A wig is a great choice, but for me, I felt it was hard to maintain. However, the outcome always looked amazing. Going bald is the perfect opportunity to experiment with hairstyles you might not have chosen before. Go wild, and embrace the fact you have the chance to switch things up. Or, you could choose something similar to your old hair, to help break into your new appearance.

I chose a chocolate brown wig, medium length wig. It was similar to my old hair, I had chosen the wig just before I shaved my hair off. The Little Princess Trust allowed me to get a stylish wig, and they showed me how to take care of the wig and how to put it on well.

I would only wear my wig on special occasions. It was summer time when I was going through treatment, and wearing a wig was just too hot for me. But I know some people are able to wear a wig without any problems! It’s entirely up to you and if you feel comfortable wearing a wig. If I had my treatment throughout the winter, I definitely think I would have worn my wig a lot more! A wig is always a great option, and you can ask your local hairdresser the best places to get a wig, I’m sure they could point you into the right direction, if not, there are plenty of websites that sell amazing wigs.


I live in beanies during the winter. So when my hair started growing back in the winter, beanies were my favourite option to wear on my head. Beanies are so easy to find, and they have a bunch of styles and options… you can literally find them in your local supermarket or clothes store. They’re great at keeping your head warm, and they blend into the crowd, because hats are common during the winter! I actually felt normal, and not out of place, while wearing a beanie.

I highly recommend beanies, just because they’re so practical and they look great all the time. You could probably get away with wearing them indoors as well, that’s what I did.


I thought of this option when my hair was growing back, I felt confident to show people some of my hair (sometimes). And headbands allowed the perfect opportunity, there’s so many choices with headbands and I realised, they’re actually quite trendy. I didn’t feel like a cancer patient while wearing a headband, because a lot of people wear headbands.

You can find some great options on amazon, and I found some really nice ones in Primark. A lot of my headwear was going to be temporary, so I didn’t want to spend too much on accessories. However, I would definitely wear headbands again! I’ve realised, I’ve become much more open to trying new and different things that I wouldn’t have before.

Definitely make the most out of having no hair, try new things and see what you like best. There’s no wrong or right, it’s all about what you feel comfortable with and if you feel confident. You may even just want to embrace being bald, and that’s totally fine to! Each of these headpieces had a meaning to me, and they helped me process the fact that I had no hair.


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