I’ve Been Gone + Update

Some of you may have realised that I haven't uploaded a blog in quite some time. I can only apologise for my absence but I'm sure most of you, if not all of you, will understand. In a quick synopsis: I've been on holiday to Spain, I've passed my driving test, Christmas happened, I've upped … Continue reading I’ve Been Gone + Update

The Anxiety that was actually Cancer

Before we begin I would like to put a disclaimer on this blog post: this was my experience with one doctors clinic, and it does not go for all general practitioners in the UK. Thank you. More often than not, doctors are fantastic! I've always admired their hard-work and determination. The levels of education and … Continue reading The Anxiety that was actually Cancer

Scanxiety – Poem

An uncontrolled state of mind, the intoxicating sobriety and the induced anxiety. The feeling of the unknown is bliss, but both are brutally co-existing. The evil and the good, tugging the rope of war, battling the thoughts inside my brain. Push and they pull, tethering the nervousness. Picking me apart like pigeons in a park. … Continue reading Scanxiety – Poem