Scanxiety – Poem

An uncontrolled state of mind, the intoxicating sobriety and the induced anxiety.

The feeling of the unknown is bliss, but both are brutally co-existing. The evil and the good, tugging the rope of war, battling the thoughts inside my brain.

Push and they pull, tethering the nervousness. Picking me apart like pigeons in a park.

Shake away the feeling, and leave me squealing. Enter the cylinder, and my thoughts come alive… I’m insecure but breathing.

One, two, three… count away the seconds. Although it’s over, the darkness still beckons.

The waiting and the thinking.

The thoughts that are kicking: Is it back? Is it clear? Where do we go from here?

That’s when the unknown becomes known…


5 thoughts on “Scanxiety – Poem

  1. Beautiful words. Truly something that you have to experience to fully understand. As anxiety-provoking as it is, it’s what keeps me truly living for today and appreciating the small things that I so took for granted. Blessings to you — Ramae

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