24 Hour Heart Tape Monitoring

My 24 hours heart monitoring experience was for my SVT, which was diagnosed half way through my chemotherapy. I know, aren’t I lucky? Anyway, they wanted to see what my heart does in the short window of 24 hours.

It was a five minute appointment, where they stuck the wires around my chest on various places and they gave me the remote to tuck into my bra. It’s a bit like an ECG, that was the first thing I noticed. She told me to record anything that happens on paper, like palpitations and the time it happens. I also had to record the times I ate food and also what time I went to bed.

I wrote down that I had two small palpitations in the evening and what I was doing at that time. Honestly, it wasn’t much bother but I will say that, she had to place the sticker on my radiation burn and my gosh it felt itchy for the whole period. And also, sleeping was rather difficult! I had to keep my bra on with the remote tucked in, and I couldn’t sleep on that side.

I gave it back to the receptionist after my time with it was up, and thats that! They’re going to send me a letter with their findings soon.

I’d love to know how they check the recordings – do they sit and watch the beats for 24 hours? Surely not.

Anyway, this blog was more aimed at for those that aren’t sure what a 24 hour tape monitoring entails.

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