Chemotherapy: It Takes Two

My RCHOP chemotherapy was scheduled for every two weeks. Normally, the average person who has this type of chemotherapy will have it every three weeks but as my mass was quite big, and growing by the second, they didn’t want to give it a single chance to grow any further. It was a plan.

My second chemotherapy was quite intimidating to be honest. As my first one was done as an inpatient, I didn’t know what quite to expect.

I arrived at The Churchill and located the outpatients department, and I entered a room filled with big chairs and drips everywhere. The nurses greeted me with a smile; a friendly look. And located me to a bed, instead of a chair. As this was the first time I was in their wing, they wanted me on a bed incase anything was to happen. Glamorous. My nan sat next to me, with a bagful of sandwiches and magazines, this isn’t how I imagine a girly afternoon with my nan.

The nurse, Nicola, parked up a chair and pulled out a clipboard. And she asked me a ton of questions, I felt like I was in mastermind.

“When was your last period?”

“How are your bowels?”

“Could you be pregnant?”

“Are you experiencing any tingling in your toes or fingers?”

“Sickness or vomiting?”

“How about fatigue?”

“Mood changes at all?”

“How’s your cough?”

Blimey. They wanted to know everything. Do they want to know what I had for breakfast too?

It was to early for me to be experiencing anything severe, although I had admitted to vomiting again and perhaps fatigue.

After the interrogation was over, two nurses came to check my chemotherapy and get it starting. I laid back in the bed, and suddenly felt an overwhelming amount of emotion, I looked around me and saw plenty of old men and women, I shouldn’t be here. A few tears built up in my eyes and I could see my nan getting sad because she didn’t want to see me upset. I wiped them off and calmed myself down.

After an hour or two, I started getting fidgety. I took the drip with me to the bathroom. With the amount of chemotherapy going in, a lot of it has to come out.

I noticed a man walking to his chair, holding a cup of tea in one hand. Then suddenly his hands start shaking and he spills tea everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The nurses helped clean him up and he took off his shoe and the tea came pouring out of his shoe! He took it in his stride and laughed it off. Would that be in a few weeks time?

After a long day, we finally was able to leave the hospital. I remember already feeling so tired the minute I approached to get in the car. I felt sick.

Chemotherapy Round #2 Symptoms

For the most part, there isn’t much to talk about here. Chemotherapy round #2 was the round where I was starting to lose my hair, I would find clumps on my pillow in the morning and I would refuse to wash my hair because I was too scared. I will write a blog about my hair journey because I think it’s quite important.

I was feeling quite tired at this point because I did lose a lot of weight, which didn’t help the fatigue. I was sick once more as well, and feeling sick was a theme throughout.

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