Chemotherapy: The Finale

My last round, number six, hooray!

It came with a mixture of emotions: excitement, nervousness, and relief.

Due to work, my mum only managed to come to my very first chemotherapy, so I was relieved she was coming to my last one. She had never been to a normal chemotherapy session, as the first one was done as an inpatient.

Groggy. I felt groggy when I woke up; my muscles ached, my body felt weak, my mentality was all over the place, as you can imagine. I packed my chemotherapy bag the previous night, and we set off to the Brody Centre in the morning. It was only a ten minute drive down the road.

The nurses greeted me with smiles, as always. It’s your last one today! They reminded me and I smiled in return. These nurses were so lovely; I hope if I ever see them again though, it’s not in here. We sat quite close to the door this time, tactically next to the tea… the weather outside was still quite warm, but it was calming down thankfully.

Heatwave + chemotherapy = DO NOT MIX!

Anyway, the same procedure as always: pre-meds, assessment, see the haem doc, wait, set up the chemo, and chill for two hours or so. And when I say chill, I mean, go crazy… I hated sitting there, when family and friends can walk about… my mum gets quite restless waiting around, so she tends to go for walks quite regularly.

About 30 minutes has passed, and I see two familiar heads pop round the door: my dad and my brother! What a lovely surprise! I never get to see my brother that often, so it was so nice to see him. They pulled up some chairs and sat with me for a little bit.

Usually, people keep me busy with a word search or crossword… this makes a nice change. I was so sick of puzzle books.

They left just before my chemotherapy was about to finish. And my mum came back from her second walk. My chemotherapy was just about to finish, and I asked the nurse if I could get my PICC line out afterwards, she confirmed it with the haem doctor and result! I could get the line out! I was excited to finish my chemo now.

Getting the PICC line out was really simple, which I am glad because I was so tired of having things done. The nurse sat me on this chair, she told me to take some deep breathes, and then when she pulled the line out, she told me to hold my breathe. And I didn’t feel a thing. It only really hurt when they took the plastic thing off my skin, but what’s a bit of pain these days? Nothing will compare to chemotherapy.

I wish I could say I celebrated when I got home, but I was shattered. The chemotherapies got continuously worse for me over the time, my body was so weak, my taste buds had gone, my skin was flaking and I felt sick.

I will talk about my overall experience with chemotherapy in another blog. The smile on my face in that picture says it all 💚

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