Torremolinos, Spain

Have you booked a holiday this year? Or are you still deciding on a place to vacate? Me and my boyfriend travelled to Torremolinos in Spain last year as we were looking for a relaxing holiday but equally an interesting destination. Finding the right destination is important, whether you’re travelling by yourself, with friends or family. So let me tell you about Torremolinos…

Torremolinos is located in the Costa Del Sol which is the south of Spain. It’s very close to Malaga and you will likely be landing at Malaga airport on arrival. Me and Sam stayed at Smy Hotel which was a new hotel on the block, with an all inclusive package. The hotel was situated on the beach front, and in walking distance of the train station and seafront restaurants.

Smy Hotel

The hotel was really nice. It had a sea-themed decor, with luxurious furnishings. I would highly recommend this hotel, it also had two pools, and plenty of entertainment. If this hotel doesn’t take your fancy, then there’s plenty more to choose from that are nearby.

What’s there to do in Torremolinos?

If you’re a big fan of shopping then you’ll be delighted to know that the shopping mall was close by – about a 15 minute walk from our hotel – but accessible by train and busses as well. The mall had a great variety of shops and choices of food, and they even had specific events held inside the mall. During our stay they had live music on in the evenings.

As Torremolinos is known for its beaches, you won’t be short of beachfront activities. If you love jet-skiing and water sports, then you’ll love the miles of enjoyment you can find here. Unfortunately, as it goes, me and boyfriend aren’t too keen on being in the ocean so water sports are a hard pass for us. However, for those who don’t like the ocean, you can find a waterpark in Torremolinos which might be worth checking out, especially if you have children.

One of the reasons we chose to visit Torremolinos was because of how close Malaga is. We spent one day in Malaga and decided it was one of our favourites. The architecture, history and culture in Malaga was spectacular, and should definitely be on your bucket list. We spent the morning looking around the town, and admiring the buildings.

And we slowly made our way over to the harbour, which had a strip of fancy shops and cute truck-like eateries. We had a quesadilla for our lunch, and I can safely say it was one of the best I’ve had.

One thing we noticed in Malaga is that they had electric scooters planted around for the public to use, we didn’t try them out as we had already planned our day ahead. But if anyone has given them a go – let me know if it was a great way of getting round. In the afternoon, we visited a Pablo Picasso museum featuring original art pieces of his. No photography was allowed but if you love art, or curious about the history of Spain then you must go and visit this museum because it is so worth it.

Malaga is a must if you’re visiting Torremolinos.

Another day out consisted of visiting the sea life, at Arroyo de la Miel – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – but we chose to spend the day here because it’s not something we’ve done together before. It’s definitely a light-hearted and warming day out if you love animals because all the animals there were well-kept and looked after. You can see flamingos, different kinds of birds, dolphins, monkeys up close, and so much more.

There’s definitely a lot to do in Torremolinos and surrounding areas. One thing we didn’t get the chance to do was visit the botanical gardens which would have been lush to have seen.

Things To Keep in Mind

Depending what time of year you go, it can get very hot. Due to my boyfriends work schedule, we could only go in August and temperatures got up to 40’c which might be great for some, but got extremely hot for us. And also, the night life was a bit strange as the streets were dead between 6pm and 8pm but the minute it went past 8pm the streets came alive. So eating dinner a bit later might be my suggestion!

Overall, it was a fantastic holiday and definitely well-needed after all the cancer treatment. I would highly recommend going if you too want a relaxing and affordable holiday. Where are you travelling next?

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