Bedroom Transformation

When I was bed-bound during cancer treatment, staring at the same walls became even more tiring than I already was. When I was finally in remission, the walls, furniture and decor just kept bringing back those awful reminders. So when I was back to work, I decided that I slowly wanted to transform my bedroom. It’s taken me a while, but I’m finally happy with it.

This is what my bedroom looked like before. Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures of what it looked like before as I didn’t know I was going to be writing this blog. What you can’t see in the picture, is my make up dresser, which was also oak. I had an oak bed, oak bedside table and an oak dresser.

My pre-interior design thoughts: I wanted to ditch the oak furniture as I feel like it’s quite out-dated now. My room is quite small, so I need light colours to make it feel open and not claustrophobic-like. I also wanted to change the furniture around, which I knew would be a big challenge because my bedroom is an odd shape.

First things first, I needed a plan. I downloaded a floor plan app and took the measurements down of all my walls and floor space. This helped me to figure out where I would put my furniture. After much time spent on the app, this is what I came up with.

As you can see, my bed has been flipped to the opposite side of the room, it was currently where the drawers are. Now that I had an idea, it was time to get stuck in. During this time, my sister was moving out of her house into her boyfriends so she kindly gave me her bed with a grey headboard. I could finally chuck away my oak bed at last. She also gave me some white bedside drawers, which matched the IKEA dresser I bought on a shopping trip.

This is my IKEA dresser. I knew I needed something that would motivate me to get up in the morning and do my make up. It has a clean and contemporary feel, it’s light and fits nicely against the far wall near my smaller window. To finish off the make up desk, I chose a cute container from M&S to hold my make up brushes that I got for Christmas. With a mirror that was also from IKEA, and bits and bobs such as perfume, hair straighteners and jewellery.

Moving the new bed into my room was a challenge but we finally got there, although it’s not ideal to have the bed up against the windows, it has given me a bit more floor space to work with.

The indigo curtains and yellow duvet adds a slight bit of colour into my room. I’ve been avoiding dark colours as I want the space to feel light and open. Next to my bed, you can see the drawers, it has three drawers, and space on the top for my lamp, picture frame and Bluetooth speaker.

The next challenge was to move my drawers across from my bed, you don’t realise how much clothes you have until you need to move them. I bought a new extension cable so I could have my PlayStation and television on top of the drawers. I’ve never had the opportunity to have my television directly in front of my bed, so I was super excited. It was always diagonal from my bed previously.

I’ve got two pictures on the wall which I got from B&Q, they’re New York skylines with the yellow cabs highlighted. New York is on my bucket list of destinations I want to go. Next to my drawers is a free standing mirror which is also from my sister, it fits nicely where the chimney corner is. And for extra storage, I have another bedside table tucked into the other corner.

And there we are! My bedroom is officially complete and I am in love with it. I’ve kept it consistently light, which splashed of colour here and there. It’s a space that I can enjoy to be in now.

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