It’s Cancer – Poem

A horrible experience beautifully written.

This poem entails my experience of being told that I have lymphoma. This memory will be planted in my brain forever, and I will never forget this moment.

Just sit tight and let me get a doctor…

Two minutes later, and then I clocked her.

A trembling white face, as she looks at her computer with such disgrace.

Her bright blue eyes, are washed with the oceans disguise.

Please take a seat and let me explain this to you…

Her lips move and they turn a shade of blue.

My body is numb with fear.

As what she says next will trigger a tear.

We’ve found a mass in your chest; and you’ve probably guessed…

But the answer is cancer.

My brain is ticking so fast,

And this bomb inside is about to blast.

Everything is spinning in slow-motion… caused from all of this commotion.

Did she just say cancer?

I’m twenty years old, this isn’t my threshold.

It’s lymphoma.

Everything will be alright.

She says but doesn’t know.

But what you’re about to undergo…

It’s going to scar me, from head-to-toe.

Please let me know your feedback on this and if this is something you would like to see more of on my blog. I really love poetry and creative writing. You can also send me feedback on my Twitter: @CancerAndNicole


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