CLIC Sargent – ‘Look Good, Feel Better’

Today I took a trip to Maggie’s Centre in Oxford and attended the event ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ for teen and young adult women who also have or had cancer.

This was my first time getting involved with any type of event within the cancer community – and it was fantastic! Usually, I would dismiss something like this due to being terrified of meeting new people and mingling in a different environment but everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

Everyone was sat down on a big table, with food and beverages on the side. We were given a big bag of make up goodies! They took us step-by-step on how to use these products effectively. There were about 6 other girls around the table, and you could tell we were all slightly nervous. But as the tutorials and introductions moved along, we started to feel more comfortable around each other. The two make up artists were so very helpful and so kind, it was a pleasure to be in their company and experience something new.

I ended up talking to a lovely girl around my age, who had also just finished proton therapy (I’ve just finished mine too!) so we already had something in common. Woohoo!

Sometimes it’s good to step outside of you’re comfort zone even though it may seem scary! Because I’ve had a fabulous day, and I definitely won’t forget it. I hope to continue meeting like-minded people, so I can listen to their whole story and feel inspired.

Thanks to CLIC Sargent and Look Good, Feel Better for hosting a great day.

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